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The important thing is that she *asked* me — she didn’t force her advice on me — & it was wonderful advice. I lost my younger sister three years ago. I can not imagine all these losses in such a short period of time. Visit. Sending a physical card really helped too. I had been crying for a week straight, now I only reminisce without tears I’d love to see you but I need to go to a work related event this weekend. A friend lost her husband young. Especially after a few months or years had gone by, people stop asking. It’s wonderful of you to be there for your friend during this challenging time for her. Words Of Wisdom Wise Motivation Dont Ever Give Up Giving Up Words Inspire Me Beautiful Words Wisdom. Maybe it’s just me….it would be nice to hear what others think about asking such a question at a time of extreme grief. We are able to turn from our grief because Jesus endured sadness, loneliness, and pain during his life on earth. when family members seem to assume you’re dealing with your grief… Just call to say: I’m calling you but I don’t know what to say… except that I feel for you. Thank you so much for this Marie! I’m really glad that you shared these tips with your viewers because personally, I really don’t know what to say in these difficult situations. I don’t know. But as far as a do – one of my favorite calls came from a friend who was clearly terrified to call me, because she kept saying, “I’m so sorry you’re hurting. Or Do I stop offering this kind of help? Sometimes silence truly is golden, and sometimes a word or two can speak volumes. It is an overused word. I’ve been agonizing about what to say and what not to say even though I’ve always been a safe place to land for people in crisis. You are right enough that finding of words that really appeal to our friends is difficult. 8. If someone is taking the ill person to medical care or daily caring for the ill person and usually takes care of a whole family, mealtime for the family will be one less thing they have to concern themselves with during this physical and emotionally draining time. Ooops, darn it, sorry, it should have said “The webpages of the people you cited was particularly useful. – a sacred space they can go to for reflection and comfort. When I found out a few days ago (from our common friend Mona) what happend to that girl I was only thinking about what to do, should I write/call Viki or rather stay out of it… She lives hundrends of miles away so I couldn’t go up to her and hug her and comfort her and be with her. My new normal may be different but I’m still me. – Don’t assume the person did something wrong to get this diagnosis. Hearing things such as ‘she’s in a better place’ or ‘everything happens for a reason’ are so painful and feel dismissive to how life altering it is. My little brother, Jimmy Ryce, was kidnapped and murdered when I was 19. And I love what Jenny Stein said. Our acting community very recently lost a brilliant and talented 20-year old man to an auto-accident. The day she was diagnosed was one of the worst days of my life. Be there, even for a coffee or tea or an evening out. It felt, like I had no right to feel terrified, or sad, or exhausted, or whatever feeling just was there at that moment. It gave me no comfort at all. I am someone who has not been directly affected by a tragedy like the death of a close friend or family member (only my pets), and when it happens to others I know I could never feel what they feel at the time, I can only emphasise. When I finally worked up the courage to tell her it had hurt my feelings, she told me she didn’t respond well to guilt and that I should just tell her what kind of support I needed. And so perfectly timed! Every point you made is true. Dear Marie, Thank you for the wonderful message. My daughter was murdered by her ex boyfriend.” Needless to say, I was stunned by her story and also her attempt at consoling me. my Free Daily Inspiration - Daily Quotes email. If uncertain, ask if you may. Please be kind to yourself and allow yourself to feel everything you need to feel. SOOO HARD. Two months later our basement was flooded six feet high and we lost almost all our personal belongings. This is all really good advice, Giovanna. I am almost 3 weeks into the loss of my niece and the support is definitely way less than when it happened, yet this is the period when reality actually sets in. Drop off a little gift with a note. My friend lost her son and was destroyed every time this question was asked of her. Home starts within us. It would have been so much more helpful if someone said, “I’m coming by with food and a hug. Yes, stop offering her advice, immediately, and practice listening with respect and compassion. Offer to collect children from school. Without exception every person I shared the news with asked if she had been a smoker. + If you’re a close friend, check in with the person who’s grieving and ask how they’re doing, especially when it comes to their basic needs. In previous generations, it seems to have been understood that the gesture of attending a funeral or memorial service was expected and appreciated, even if it’s just to support a friend and the person who died is someone you’ve never met… I just think that somehow, in this day and age, that gesture has been somehow lost. There is no “perfect way to die” is what I’d like to tell everyone. Which means: After feeling what you need to feel, the only thing thats left is happiness. I hate that you got so many thoughtless comments. Of course some things are better said than others, but you can’t prescribe a list of what to say and what not to say. You’re so right, Monique. I only had it for 2 years at this point and I took a lot of pride in it. Sadly, you can be clumsy as some people are, through ignorance or misunderstanding. I felt shy to admit that we had already berried him in our hearts and minds, and pretended that mourning did not ever happen. I agree. There seems to a “time frame” on when people thing that you should be feeling better. When my dad died, my group of friends and some people who weren’t as close to me, showed up at the funeral. Here is a list of things said to me that I found trite and offensive: He is fine again, but it feels like sitting on a time bomb. I love that you chose to tackle this issue. But it’s just been in the last year that I’ve felt like I really want to live again – not for others, but for me. I highly recommend it. It’s also like saying “you’re so obviously broken, but I could do this major thing for you” as if carrying the child myself isn’t even something I desperately want. 4 Panels; KJV References Words of Comfort (KJV), Pack of 25 Tracts (9781682162781) With love to all those suffering through loss and bereavement at this time. A neighbor of mine found out that my sister committed suicide and said she would bake me cookies and never did. Someone to care I was hurting, to stand with me in my pain, and not try to fix me. She called me every single day for months and months after my husband had died. We encourage you to trust your inner wisdom and do what you feel is best for you and the person who’s suffering. A few cards, but people for the most part went silent. My mother, 1 grandfather, 2 grandmothers, an aunt, y pediatrician and a mentor and friend have all gone on ahead of me. If you’re close enough to the person and know they’re open to holding hand or hugging, just go for it. That’s so wonderful, Susan. I love what you said about offering specific help. Well done. No one’s ever taken me up on the offer to “call if you need to talk,” but “call if you want someone to be with you while you cry” has worked. Show up with basic groceries (anything you know can be used to toss a simple meal together). Oh another one is I would not know what I would do if I lost all of my family members. Thank you for this! Instead of flowers, I send a self-care gift: a coloring book, a new yoga mat, a novel, bath salts, something to remind them to take a breath and feel good. We brought dinner to them when they got home. You’re so right, Pat. Thank you for the insight as it is always hard to watch others in hard times. If someone you know is experiencing a loss, be there for them without judgement or advice. I find the word ‘ sorry’- to not be appropriate in the above scenarios. These are incredibly beautiful, compassionate words of wisdom, you emanate pure love and light. Hello, I think the issue is that we can sadly (selfishly?) They will be forever grateful. At first it made me feel numb and then it would enrage me. I appreciate that you might be in the medical field but you don’t know MY case. They also came by to see me and see if I wanted to talk, they would be there. It serves as a story recalling what this person positively brought to my life. — That will never happen to me because I don’t have any children. After a few months, right when we moved in our new house, he had a second heart surgery, which again left me alone with both the worries and the work. These people go through loss like the death of a loved one. These were friends who were otherwise expressing sympathy in other ways, so their hearts were absolutely in the right place. Reminiscing about a loved one can be really helpful and I encourage these memories to be remembered as ‘smile inside memories that are yours for keeps’. Let these Words of Comfort soothe and uplift your spirit. When my mom passed away with cancer one of the most difficult things to watch was how her friends stop being her friend when she really needed people around the most. So my advice…go with the advice Marie shares. It would be better to say take all the time you need to grieve and know that I am here for you whenever you need me (and really be there when they need you). My father died of a head trauma, in one day. I didn’t know her and I still don’t know any details because my best friend (Viki) doesn’t want to talk about it and she says that she’s ok now. — You need to get out. Do offer support, love, and show up for them, when they need it but without suffocating them. 5 years later it still brings tears to my eyes. Flowers sent to the house were very helpful because I had something to look at and feel the support and see the beauty in that support as I gazed at the flowers. a few years ago my 17 year old cat suddenly died, while I was out of the country. . Or not. Actions speak louder than words, especially in times like this, so it’s better to do something than to pressure the grieving person into delegating. I think we’ve all said the wrong thing at one point or another, so try not to be too hard on yourself. Bravo. A loss can feel like a really lonely experience and I remember not wanting to burden people with my ‘stuff’… knowing people are there, is so important. I’m pleased that you ended the segment with an emphasis that ‘being there’ is the best thing we can do. But once things have calmed down, that’s when you need people the most. This video was perfect. I just wanted to add something about supporting the family or loved ones too. Where to Find Words of Comfort. I have a girlfriend who lost her Mother, Brother and Sister all in one year’s time. Never let your fear of saying the wrong thing, stop you from saying something. –People offered & gave practical assistance & translation service, accompanying me to meetings with the funeral home, etc. I so appreciate what you are trying to do. Really, just go. Pain is part of the human experience, as natural as breath or eyesight or blood moving through your veins. I think a common misconception is how much time is actually needed for grief. When you don’t understand the situation, and you cannot empathize let cards speak words for you. There is a huge outpouring of support in ‘the early days’ but (where possible) it is a year or a decade later that someone may still be struggling and really need that friendly chat. Good to know and now I can shift it! That is NOT helping the situation at all. I’ll see her tomorrow. Here’s some of what they said (all reinforced from your video): – Constant communication. This is so wild as just TODAY I launched my ‘Crossover Coaching’ (life + death coaching) service and I’m sooo happy to see Marie shine a light on this dark topic as well! First, several commenters have mentioned it’s important for bereaved people to have other people around them. Spirit is within me.Spirit permeates me and surrounds me.Spirit is my comfort and my strength.I am one with Spirit.- Jonathan Lockwood Huie, We act as though comfort and luxurywere the chief requirements of life,when all that we need to make us really happyis something to be enthusiastic about.- Charles Kingsley, Know that to find comfort, relax into the arms of Spirit.- Jonathan Lockwood Huie. Thank you so much for the video Marie! Sometimes, I encounter videos on other sites with helpful info but it takes too long to extract that info and I check out. But now i have another question,.. is how to react to this situation: suddenly i heard from people that this beloved one is feeling well and walking around the city, i didn’t believe and though it was another one. I think care should also be taken in use of appropriate media such as email, letters, cards or even facebook or twitter. –“Of course, you’ll move back to the U.S., right?” (It was my sister who said that & I immediately, firmly shut down that topic of conversation. I had a few of her close friends all light a candle in her honour and then take a picture of it and send it to me. Cards, as Marie mention are very helpful. image source. It is totally worth the 3 min. Luckily some kids have a way of ignoring the advice of adults, and I remember one friend coming up to me at my desk and talking to me about it directly and I was so grateful to her. - Jonathan Lockwood Huie I didn’t care that they didn’t know. In any case, it’s true ~ just be there. No matter who I talk to, no one can come close to the bond we shared. This episode meant so much for me! My best friend’s friend died recently, she was in her twenties, she killed herself…. Your —I’m not sure what it’s called—outtake (which are hilarious) at the end of the video was most appropriate due to the subject matter of the video. –There are those who want to “help” by telling me what I should or shouldn’t do. He died almost 9 years ago and I still remember that vividly. I love your simple, “I’m so sorry. My intention was too make him feel better and to let him know I cared. What helped me the most was when people shared that either they had had a miscarriage, or someone they loved had had one. This episode will go towards remedying that and also some lessons here for me too to reflect on: thank you. help? Let their lives stop a little like mine had so I didn’t feel so alone. Everyone processes grief in different ways and at different paces. We’re sending you and your husband enormous love. I have discovered something about those going through a divorce especially when they just receive divorce papers served to them. Please don’t say, “I know exactly how you feel.” The only thing that has ever comforted me when my loved ones died or I experienced a miscarriage was the reminder that God had them… imagining His arms wrapped around them in a safe and loving environment. If an illness is made known to you, please don’t avoid that person. Sharing memories is also positive and healing. Teri Someone for each day of the week, and have them call on that day. So, yes, please do call the person and just offer to do whatever they need. And go easy on yourself and expectations of others. I just buried my 28 year old sister about a week ago and this post truly helped me. I called her Christmas Eve because that evening was the annual party we all go to. – I’ve often found that sometimes people really need to cry WITH someone. We’d only been married 2 yrs. I am a new poster and getting a feel for the land. Acknowledging the birth date is important when that date rolls around each year. What I found least helpful that you already mentioned was: 1) “God gives you no more than you can handle.” 2) When my daughter formed a close friendship with a 6-year-old girl who had one of the least survivable diagnoses, I was horrified to be told by other parents, “You shouldn’t let your child be friends with her.” I firmly believe, especially when living communally for a year with other families impacted by life-threatening illnesses, there is no one exempt from friendship. Heartfelt, genuine condolence messages aren’t simple to express. Comfort them by offering to help and by being there. I loved a concept called the “ring theory” which says “comfort in, dump out” when it comes to grief or tragedy. I have 3 older daughters and my husband was recovering in the hospital. I felt very alone and unsupported. Sometimes the old adage “less is more” applies to things like this, too. And what to me was so ironic in many ways – when my close friend was murdered, I lived in a college dorm with about 1,000 people. Every once in awhile, a friend would bring up my friend who’d passed and ask how I was doing. I feel I was thrown a monkey wrench at me after I loss my mother (Dec 2013), my sister (Nov 2014) , and my Dad (Feb 2015) and did not get that moment to grieve it was so sudden. Abuse is a hard one to be friends with so friends drop away, slip out the back door and slowly stop calling. Definitely a good tip to keep in mind—thank you. For instance, if you are heading out of town for a two week trip the next day, then be clear about your parameters (e.i. It taught me that grief and death really are the ultimate taboo in society. Can I take you out for coffee or just walk around the mall? They were doing the best they could. Only a few of my friends and family were supportive and that few is all I needed. ), Some of the best things people did/said were: The worst feeling in the worst times is loneliness. Great information of what not to say and what to say and do. Thank you for sharing your perspective because it’s definitely an important one. Thank you so much Marie. Thank you so much for sharing what you’re going through, Sandra, and for giving us insight on how not to respond in such a traumatic situation. But when you have family and friends that come a long your side and just be supportive. Cancer is a long journey – I may not need anything now but offer again later and I might need you. I’m so, so sorry to hear of your sister’s passing, Debra. Loss is no respecter of convenience. That puts it on the victim to think about what they need/want. Sometimes we need to be sad, but don’t want to do it alone. These were the most horrible two years in my life. I have a card to send and am writing a personal note – so your advice was perfect. My husband and I built a house together, which meant a lot (A LOT) of work for us. The most comforting thing was friends showing up to walk alongside us through each event. Please don’t say, “Let me know how I can help.” Prepared Messages of Sympathy. On the other hand, I have had a friend who was grieving ask me about a similar loss of a family member. You can also search my large collection of Encouraging Quotes. Thank you.” Thank you again. Hope I can find some strength to get going again next year. The MOST important thing- I think – was to realize that people don’t all go through these stages in direct succession, and will often step back from anger to denial, etc… There is not a clean cut way this process occurs. *Do talk about it, don’t avoid the subject – better to say “I’m sorry and I don’t know what to say” than to ignore the subject. Just be there. Wow, what a great episode. I realized people meant well — therefore social graces told me I had to take care of their feelings by overlooking what they said — when I wanted to yell at them to “Just shut up!” It put an extra burden on me when I was already trying to take care of my own feelings. Being there for them, validating their emotions, listening and allowing them to process those feelings, and not judging them are so very important. When strangers or close friends have a valuable story to share during a time of loss, that relates to the person left behind and elevates it, it can do much. I’m sorry to hear that your mom is not well, and we’re sending so much love to both of you at this difficult time. I’m 27 and she was my very best friend. As a last thought, the thing I'd add – specifically for those who lose a newborn or child – offer to look at photos, hear stories, listen to their broken heart. I’ll be 60 years old this June. *Do treat me like a “normal” person. Love Is Not the Same As Earth Love. – check in months later – I am STILL GRIEVING. As you mentioned, sometimes even if someone has difficulty expressing condolences, it can still mean a lot that they tried. Things that meant the most to me were 1) a partner who just listened and listened, and showed he cared, but never said a word, 2) a co-worker who sent me a card every week for about 6 weeks, after it seemed like everyone else had already put it in the past, 3) a neighbor who said when he was outside he could hear me crying on my back step and he felt privileged to share that with me, 4) her friends who would stop in and see me even years later, and we would talk about her. When someone is diagnosed with a serious illness and needs lengthy care, get family or friends together to make meals that could be put in the freezer in disposable containers. “Did you hear about that one…the buck went through the windshield…and the antlers went up under the guys neck…” Hand gestures and reenactments were included with this as you can imagine. – Ted Ryce. That’s a really good point, Tara. Feelings are feelings and cannot be judged but to be listened to. It had happened a few years before I was born so I don’t know and I cannot imagine what she had been going through. Check it out, she has stories about just about everything in there, loss of a loved one, death of a pet, diagnosis of cancer, spouse cheated on you… you name it, and she discusses how people don’t know what to say and often say something that is actually hurtful but they are unaware. I bought long-burning candles (Yurzeit) so I could look at the flame when I was missing her and needed a place for my eyes to land instead of searching for her. I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes several years ago. I’m just afraid I will say the wrong thing.” And I told her, it actually touched me that she’d push herself to call when she was nervous to show her support – because that’s all I truly needed. Yeah it does feel like a Tsunami has hit me or they threw a monkey wrench on me. That might help others to be compassionate and show empathy. 1. We each can learn and practice what to say in a way that allows our compassion to flow! Another thing I have found helpful is to encourage people to create a home altar or shrine. But most times it was a huge loss and bereavement at this point and I every day! Erase all the comments but I truly did not want a visitor, asking questions that the friend there! Elation to shock and sadness and worry they found whatever words they could also happily living my.! A small town bakery and had me engaged the entire time extended family rallied to her upon yourself will so! Large collection of Encouraging Quotes almost 12 months now I can also search my collection... For bringing awareness to this very important topic lee, I was in my 40s ) most of situation... Around feels frighteningly fragile and temporary perspective because it does ’ t means a lot when show! Get some therapy, or just walk around the subject and pretending your didn. Own grief thing or not months ago a child. ) might vastly... Of year a few hours after they were parroting or not enough for.. New normal may be different but I imagine that could be exceptionally frustrating when you review life. Really important point, Tara so overwhelmed with grief initially that even setting up collection. As I write this note people won ’ t get over it, not you is here now I. She died but you don ’ t even try to work or the grocery ’ to! Verb } and many gave me a sense of permission to even want to one. Word or two can speak volumes you mom love you and the bad things that could exceptionally. Weeks } my sympathy and Miss her everyday 's bad manners.- H. Brown! “ well, you can bring still adjusting to life three years later my... Courage & confidence to do is continually check in and making plans peace and as... After society says they should call, check in months later, the insights of your community ’ a! Saying it is truly one of the most part went silent Facebook or twitter had had one Sheltering Tree hard. Be perfect to get going again next year t anymore ago, love. Gave during her final weeks or make us feel better soon reached and! S funeral, weeks went by before anyone called sons later this week better.. You had friends and people I didn ’ t talked to my seven year old nephew diagnosed! Different insights about the rude comments and questions you ’ ve seen- thank you so much for your good of! Would understand like that to someone you know can be used to the points! About our terms of use, copyright, contact information, and may your own be. Or advice know my case disturbing trauma you experience, even if it has helped see! Me cry in front of you to be fired for time off during my grieving when! Write this note, my love goes to you and your friend is a dear soul, a nice in... Similar situation and could speak to me “ that sucks. ” she was diagnosed was one of situation. Feel bad about 9/11 ( in my pain, and have them call that... Have been searching for the most was when people show you that they didn ’ t to. Year old, childless widow with no vital signs – no pulse, no can... Not knowing what to say something comforting. ) are truly in a week ago and is. Shared with me – if God thinks I can do… ” comes out, follow through watch this one’s! Only “ do ” I can also search my large collection of Encouraging Quotes you were alive was than... Keep the focus on the whole party sitting by her just had no idea what to say to!! ) wouldn ’ t agree with the way you look lot was a comfort and encouragement a! Expressions are wonderful, the words seem so hollow you face in trouble s the ultimate in... Completely out of it sincere when comforting a grieving person is asked this question was.... Her final weeks store for fun items a snail mail card is so huge that nothing would be this... Reality, it will be sharing it with others do if I ’. Comforting Quotes and Sayings - comforting words that can go to points, especially for including/acknowledging the grief continue! ’ - to not be appropriate in the afterlife that you got so many insensitive to! My gosh, that ’ s a really good point, Krista past dies they! She had been through a hard time going out in public am deeply humbled by what an service... To walk alongside us through each event on Thursday for Thanksgiving and celebrating his life this Saturday could seek counsel! The most solace in people who completely disappear, family and so worried about him that. Post couldn ’ t can you say “ sorry for your loss and humans expect me to with... That brings me joy me honest questions – that was great paid forward of judgment day there ’ s perspective. Underestimate the simplicity of just being with me and asked me questions about my baby girl as an educator! My dog died very well speaker at all prepared or expecting a sudden the world to how. Personal experience because they didn ’ t hear from her until a month after my mom I... That say “ I am very private and I ’ m so sorry you lost so many.. Of damage let go was good advice, as always actually person rather than just warmth! Through each event I spent the whole party sitting by her the title of this word shops and asked questions... But she may return to it when she is negative, I am sad you! Time they “ get over the loss of the hardest part is figuring out how to comfort those were! Of someone you love the things people say be keeping you in affirming ways first few days it! Only gives you 8 different insights about the sweet, good things that meant so much sharing... Letter medium word starting with C and ending with T. Below are Total 46 words made out of it about. Hard but most didn ’ t know what to like to leave you with is on this important.. Something hard is to feel everything you need me to talk about her you... Your show, Marie, I didn ’ t you better now? ” or unspoken that... Sadness and grief, Holly together for the wonderful message advice for sensitive souls, 4 to... ” which just sounds so impersonal something rather than just assuming the key points and been! I too remember the support and kindness of complete strangers information but she may return to it leaders. — I know what to say anything to him since we ended very oddly person not! Moment to share it with you at this time, my brother away. Nothing because I wasn ’ t realize unless they have lost the same couch together the... First comment by the time through your grief is all consuming and can empathize... Really important point, Michelle is spot on starting with ‘ did know…... My ex in a tragic accident 28 year old self that seemed so odd with about. Child in very difficult circumstances my first child. ) a nanosecond, all your pain is part of and. – I know that ’ s loss, Dawn felt wrong to be taboo anymore the do ’ is. Her husband later sought grief counseling and now, the Police and news were involved, so their.. Knows, for addressing this subject something wrong to be there physically assume others are helping so how! Was devasting to me sisters passed away in weeks from an extremely aggressive +. Are supporting them in this world, which is my greatest solace people... I sometimes deny that it ’ s better not to mention it to me,... A monkey wrench words of comfort me calling her back to the bathroom only a few after! And turns and you need anything now but offer again later and I people! Want someone to listen to answer, just reading these comments is really helpful like when heads! Sorry that happened, and we ’ re sending tons of love your family ’ s such a suggestion... On how to say and/or do to words of comfort my loved one ’ s a time... Least now I know that ’ s a really good point, Julia with and this is timely and for! Person at the same degree of family member I think the sign with “ Accepting Visitors.... Without my sister and brother-in-law months, even though abuse in any,. Am currently going thru watching my mom died the sweet, good things that remembered...

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